@FlauntMagazine: Time to see our @nickjonas cover! Featuring @SupraFootwear & @WH_Studio. Full feature on http://flaunt.com soon!

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Nick Jonas for Men’s Fitness by Spencer Heyfron.

I need more Jonas blogs to follow!

I just unfollowed ten blogs which haven’t posted in six or more months. I would love to find some new (to me) Jonas blogs to follow. Please, please, please like this if you’re a Jonas blog so I can check out your pages. I would really appreciate it. :)

P.S. Bonus points if you also post Supernatural!

I don’t check the Joseph tag as often as I should, so I’m sure this was posted at some time in the past. Regardless, enjoy the deliciousness (again, or possibly for the first time, like me). ;)

Another shot of Nick Jonas by Andrew Zaeh for PR Purposes.

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